“the crap we give our hearts to”


Nadia Bolz-Weber (aka “the sarcastic Lutheran”) is my favorite pastor and one of the people who has been really influential in my life. She’s sassy, blunt, tattooed, and deeply spiritual, with an understanding for life and love that everyone should strive for. She posts her sermons on her blog, tag-lined, “the cranky spirituality of a post-modern gal,” and she’s become well-known around the world for her philanthropy, travels, and insights.

I find her sermons to be edgy and relatable, and she’s definitely not afraid of stepping on a few people’s toes to get to the bottom of what’s true. Here’s her sermon from Ash Wednesday, which really struck a chord with me. This Lenten season, I hope to make my heart more whole and accept the imperfections in it as I embarked on a journey of gratitude and joy.


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